Yacht painting offer/New constructions

Ask for a yacht painting offer by Reflection. You can see a sample of the complete projects which among others contains the name and the size of the yacht. See some factors which determine the quality of boat painting and make Reflection distinguish.

Quality security of the yacht painting

The company ensures the high quality of the yacht painting following particular rules:

1. Application of the certified surface preparation method.

2. Exact measuement of the materials which will be used so as to ensure excellent quality.

3. Contemporary mechanical equipment and controlled working environment.

4. After the integration of each stage an inspection and the approval by the construction responsible are accomplished

5. Complete compliance-alignment with the instructions and demands of the painting application system.

6. Compliance of particular time schedule of the procedures until the final delivery of the project

You can also see more about the quality guarantee at yacht painting through the quality control at all stages. Ask for an estimation by Reflection for new construction painting and soon you’ll receive a boat painting offer with a clear timetable. After the integration of the project the foreseen guarantees are given to all new constructions as well as free technical support.

Localisation of the damage at the yacht painting system

After having spotted any damage at the yacht painting system it would be wise to contact immediately with an expert.If you leave it behind it is very possible that the problem will spread and at the same time the the price of the restoration will rise.The immediate restoration of the wear increases the security levels of the yacht ad improves the aesthetics. Damages can differ and depend upon various factors, such us:

Quality of the present painting system
Use of the vessel
General wear
Anchoring conditions
UV radiation wear
An expert’s visit and inspection
After you locate the damage at the yacht painting system contact Reflection.Get an appointment and the technician of the company will visit at the place of the anchoring.Leave the rest to Reflection.

Ask for an inspection offer

The procedure followed for the estimation is simple and does not require the owner’s technical knowledge Book an appointment and arrange an expert’s visit at the anchoring spot. Our technician collects all the data the painting team will need. You’ll be presented with the appropriate painting system and a painting offer for the yacht. Ask for an estimation and trust Reflection for an affordable and high quality result.