Yacht maintenance and fairing Reflection

Reflection takes action in yacht painting and in any kind of boat.The yacht painting company was founded by Antonios Klimanoglou in 2001. The target of the company as well as of the people who manage it is the constant improvement of the provided services. In the long term, we aim to extend our operations circle in the Mediterranean and in Northern Europe.Reflection constitutes the ideal choice at conventional works (yacht painting) as well as at works with large demands (big yachts painting). The company is specialised in yacht painting, maintenance and repainting of all kinds of yachts. If you are a yacht owner (administrator) contact us and specialised staff will speak with you.

Klimanoglou-Reflection cover top of the hard work

The owner of Reflection Antonios Klimanoglou started in the mid-80’s the trade of maritime-naval pigments.Subsequently he was activated in the industry of mechanical corrosion (ex.the corrosion caused by the impact of the yacht with the water). He was trained and he has worked at the preparation of painting surfaces.Afterwards he specialised in yacht painting.He didn’t restrict himself in one sector but he worked upon a wide range of stages.A range which includes all stages of surface preparation and yacht painting techniques.Having derived important experience by small and big projects all around Europe in 2001 he decided to establish Reflection.Since then he has delivered important constructions. Works such as yacht and vessel painting at the greek territory as well as foreign countries (Malta,Italy).

Maintenance and yacht painting

Reflection undertakes the yacht painting as well as the maintenance and the repainting of vessel of small and big size. See more analytically:
Yacht painting (megayacht, vessel)
Yacht repainting (megayacht, vessel)
Yacht maintenance (megayacht, vessel)
Local damage restoration
The time has come to dye your yacht or sailing boat. Trust Reflection and you will be absolutely satisfied by the quality of our services. The experience, the specialisation, the kindness and the result will justify your choice.

Our Goal

The company’s target is the constant improvement of the services and the client’s experience, during the first contact and after the project’s delivery (after sale). We aim at the consolidation of reflection at the space of maintenance and yacht painting not only in Greece but in the Mediterranean Sea and in Northern Europe. For all the reasons above we use certified materials and all the approved methods. We use them during the surface preparation and during the painting process of the yacht. We also follow all the rules for the safety of the employees and for the protection of the environment. Reflection is a contemporary company for yacht painting and maintenance, it disposes the expertise and the fully trained human staff. It is fully harmonised with the environmental rules and betakes the integration of the target with steady steps.

Security of the yacht, of the employees and protection of the environment

Prime concern of Reflection is the increase of the safety levels at all sectors. The yacht security, the employees’ security during the works and the protection of the environment. During the works for the yacht painting, the technicians check and locate any possible damages. Damages that you might have not noticed. They also replace any damaged or rusty screws. For the safety of the employees’ during the works all the necessary rules are followed strictly. The protection of the environment is our main goal, which is accomplished by following all the environmental rules and by having ecological consciousness.

Why choose Reflection

Our company has large experience at the surface preparation and at the appropriate techniques which concern the yacht painting. It uses well-known and certified products and the appropriate methods during the preparation, maintenance and yacht painting. The fully trained staff will materialise the construction in the best possible way. They will answer all your questions and they will provide you technical support and consultancy after the completion of the construction (after sale). Our company tries to keep our prices low without reducing the quality. Ask Reflection right now for an estimation and you will get a detailed offer with clear time table and guarantee.